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Happy Birthday to Holly Hunter

I noticed that today was Holly Hunter’s birthday and it reminded me to get my behind back in here to write something. I’ve been so busy with my other blogs that I neglected this one. Most likely because the writer’s strike just killed television this season so there wasn’t a lot of fodder. But I have been working longer and watching less of my beloved Boob Tube!

Anyway, back to Holly Hunter. I love this actress – I’ve watched most of her movies and now I am enthralled with her new show on TNT, “Amazing Grace”. Is this a great concept for a show or what? You gotta love the person who came up with this idea.

An ex-catholic, agnostic (or is she?) gung-ho female cop on the edge who gets her very own angel for a friend. Earl. You have got to just adore Earl! Any angel who loves tacos and has a tattoo of a long-tongued dog on his back is my kind of angel.

This is really a great show, not just a good show, a great show. I’m hoping for a nice long run and I’m looking forward to new episodes! Plus you can watch it on your computer if you miss any episodes! I just love watching TV on my laptop for some reason. Probably because if I miss something I haven’t really missed it – just delayed it, cool.

Which reminds me – I have 3 episodes of Lost to catch up on so I’m outta here!

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Surprise, surprise, I like “The Donald”!

Sorry for not posting lately, but with the writer’s strike going on there wasn’t much to say about television except complain and enough other people were doing that so I kept out of the fray.  I’m glad it’s over but a fat lot of good that will do for the remainder of this television season.

However, I am a fan of The Apprentice.  I’ve watched the show from the beginning and I have discovered (to my surprise) I have a lot of respect for Donald Trump.  Prior to this show I thought him somewhat overbearing and over-exposed, though it isn’t really fair to judge anyone by what is said about them in the media.

In watching The Apprentice I find that I have developed a decent amount of grudging respect for Mr. Trump.  Though I am aware the show is engineered for ratings, I have enjoyed watching him and hearing his comments in the boardroom.  I have found him to be extremely intelligent, surprisingly kind (yes, really!) but tough and pretty fair, considering the constraints of prime time and the nature of the show premise.

I like the fact that he seems to enjoy doing the show.  I like that he has the moxie to promote himself and I believe he is successful at his marketing because he does it all with an element of humor and basic human kindness.  Yes, I know he’s tough, but there is a kind man behind all the bluff and it sneaks up on him every once in a while.

I am beginning to learn how to truly create a brand from a master. From neckties and designer water to gambling and real estate, Donald Trump has managed to become a name synonymous with luxury and good living.  I’m taking it all in as I build my own PopArtDiva brand now branching out into my blogs (The Martini Diva, The Road to Diva, The Pop Culture Blog, etc.), writing books and even developing an online radio show, and I find myself asking “What would Trump do?”

I truly loved George and am very happy to see him back – though I think he looks a little tired.  I don’t know what happened to Caroline – suppose I could google her to find out, lol.  But it’s good to have George back – what a sweetie he is for a high powered business man.

Additionally, I have enjoyed watching Trump’s interaction with his grown children, Ivanka and Donald, Jr.  These two young people are both well spoken, intelligent and can be quite astute in their own right.  I believe Donald Sr. is quite proud of them, as well he should be.

Though I know many of the contestants (especially this season’s celebrity group) are chosen for “good tv” I can still enjoy watching the interaction and the mechanizations of certain contestants.  It’s kind of interesting to see how and what people do to win, isn’t it?  I believe it’s called the ‘Killer Instinct” though it might better be termed “The Stinker” instinct.  It truly is a concrete jungle out there, and “The Donald” reigns supreme as the King.

And speaking of jungles, can someone PLEASE send Omarosa to Survivor so an alligator can eat her or an exotic monkey can drop a coconut on her obnoxious and conceited head?


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