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Happy Birthday to Holly Hunter

I noticed that today was Holly Hunter’s birthday and it reminded me to get my behind back in here to write something. I’ve been so busy with my other blogs that I neglected this one. Most likely because the writer’s strike just killed television this season so there wasn’t a lot of fodder. But I have been working longer and watching less of my beloved Boob Tube!

Anyway, back to Holly Hunter. I love this actress – I’ve watched most of her movies and now I am enthralled with her new show on TNT, “Amazing Grace”. Is this a great concept for a show or what? You gotta love the person who came up with this idea.

An ex-catholic, agnostic (or is she?) gung-ho female cop on the edge who gets her very own angel for a friend. Earl. You have got to just adore Earl! Any angel who loves tacos and has a tattoo of a long-tongued dog on his back is my kind of angel.

This is really a great show, not just a good show, a great show. I’m hoping for a nice long run and I’m looking forward to new episodes! Plus you can watch it on your computer if you miss any episodes! I just love watching TV on my laptop for some reason. Probably because if I miss something I haven’t really missed it – just delayed it, cool.

Which reminds me – I have 3 episodes of Lost to catch up on so I’m outta here!

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