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40 Years After The Fact – Tommy Smothers Wins His Emmy!

Never say never. Tonight Tommy Smothers of The Smothers Brothers finally got an Emmy for The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour nearly 40 years after the fact.

For those of you who were not even alive in 1967 when the show premiered this might not seem like a big deal. But to those of us who were faithful fans of The Smothers Brothers (The Smo Bros as we affectionately refer to them) this was a wonderful sight to behold.

You see we the fans, and the Smothers Brothers, were cheated out of a lot of comedy and a lot of political insight when the show was canceled by CBS in April of 1969. I won’t go into the whole megillah here – you can read about it on Wikipedia and other sources on the internet.

True to the wit that was at the heart of the cancellation of their show nearly forty years ago, Tommy accepted the award with his typically confused and innocent act that always hid the sharp sword of truth.

A few quotes from his acceptance speech will give you an idea of the intelligence that drove the humor of The Smothers Brothers:

“There’s nothing more scary than watching ignorance in action.”

“Just one last thought, there’s one word that exists in every language on the face of the Earth, in every society from the time man began to speak and the word is “truth”. It exists in every language and it means exactly the same thing . . . . Truth – truth is what you get other people to believe.”

Tommy I hope you enjoy your “shiny, brand new 1968 Emmy” as much as I enjoyed seeing you get it!

See, Mom did always like you best! CONGRATULATIONS TIMES FORTY!



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Surprise, surprise, I like “The Donald”!

Sorry for not posting lately, but with the writer’s strike going on there wasn’t much to say about television except complain and enough other people were doing that so I kept out of the fray.  I’m glad it’s over but a fat lot of good that will do for the remainder of this television season.

However, I am a fan of The Apprentice.  I’ve watched the show from the beginning and I have discovered (to my surprise) I have a lot of respect for Donald Trump.  Prior to this show I thought him somewhat overbearing and over-exposed, though it isn’t really fair to judge anyone by what is said about them in the media.

In watching The Apprentice I find that I have developed a decent amount of grudging respect for Mr. Trump.  Though I am aware the show is engineered for ratings, I have enjoyed watching him and hearing his comments in the boardroom.  I have found him to be extremely intelligent, surprisingly kind (yes, really!) but tough and pretty fair, considering the constraints of prime time and the nature of the show premise.

I like the fact that he seems to enjoy doing the show.  I like that he has the moxie to promote himself and I believe he is successful at his marketing because he does it all with an element of humor and basic human kindness.  Yes, I know he’s tough, but there is a kind man behind all the bluff and it sneaks up on him every once in a while.

I am beginning to learn how to truly create a brand from a master. From neckties and designer water to gambling and real estate, Donald Trump has managed to become a name synonymous with luxury and good living.  I’m taking it all in as I build my own PopArtDiva brand now branching out into my blogs (The Martini Diva, The Road to Diva, The Pop Culture Blog, etc.), writing books and even developing an online radio show, and I find myself asking “What would Trump do?”

I truly loved George and am very happy to see him back – though I think he looks a little tired.  I don’t know what happened to Caroline – suppose I could google her to find out, lol.  But it’s good to have George back – what a sweetie he is for a high powered business man.

Additionally, I have enjoyed watching Trump’s interaction with his grown children, Ivanka and Donald, Jr.  These two young people are both well spoken, intelligent and can be quite astute in their own right.  I believe Donald Sr. is quite proud of them, as well he should be.

Though I know many of the contestants (especially this season’s celebrity group) are chosen for “good tv” I can still enjoy watching the interaction and the mechanizations of certain contestants.  It’s kind of interesting to see how and what people do to win, isn’t it?  I believe it’s called the ‘Killer Instinct” though it might better be termed “The Stinker” instinct.  It truly is a concrete jungle out there, and “The Donald” reigns supreme as the King.

And speaking of jungles, can someone PLEASE send Omarosa to Survivor so an alligator can eat her or an exotic monkey can drop a coconut on her obnoxious and conceited head?


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CAMELOT & KING ARTHUR – Male vs. Female


Two of my favorite somewhat recent mini series are on next weekend. Both are centered around the legend of King Arthur, Excalibur and Camelot. On Saturday at 11:00 a.m. EASTERN time on SCI FI, Merlin , and on Sunday at 9:30 a.m. EASTERN time on TNT, The Mists of Avalon.The interesting thing about these two mini series is that one, Merlin, looks at the myth through the eyes and via the life of the fabled wizard, Merlin. The Mists of Avalon approaches the Arthur legend through a female viewpoint via the woman who peopled the world of the mystical Camelot.

Just a little heads up to those fans of King Arthur and Excalibur.

BTW – just in case you have NOT seen Eureka (where have you been?) you can catch up by watching full episodes on line at SciFi! Oh, and don’t miss the section “Made in Eureka” it’s a crack-up if you’re a fan!

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“Medium” not dead yet!


Well, I just saw an ad stating that Medium will be returning as a mid-season replacement on January 7th! There’s life for the dead people who haunt Allison after all! Do you suppose someone saw this blog? HA, HA, HA, HA, HA. Would that I had that kind of sway with network execs, lol.

By the way, Patricia Arquette was nominated for a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Allison – I see dead people at the awards!


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What happened to “Medium”??

I’ve been so busy lately that posting about television or movies has been set on a back burner. What spare time I have left over after doing my Martini Blog, my Art Blog and doing new art for my website is spent actually watching tv! I haven’t even had time to see a movie – but managed to see the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie on DVD, which, btw, was a little confusing story wise but I enjoyed it anyway. Captain Jack is a classic character and destined to remain in my top five of all time along with Rhett Butler, Scarlet O’Hara, Forrest Gump and Indiana Jones.

While trying to keep abreast of the schedule changes that always occur at this time of year (because the 12 year old network executives ax good shows before they have a chance to gather an audience), I suddenly noticed that Medium was missing! What a shame, I liked that show. I wonder if it will be a mid-season replacement? Oh well, the ratings rule and I simply don’t have time to google whether or not it was cancelled.

An update on my thoughts about the new season :

  • I still love Reaper – if anything I like it more. This is a fun, quirky show and my favorite character is Sock (Wysocki) and the Devil Himself follows closely behind.
  • I still enjoy Bones, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Desperate Housewives, Boston Legal, Brothers and Sisters, Grey’s Anatomy, Numbers, Monk, Psych, Las Vegas (now that Tom Selleck has joined the cast) and Hell’s Kitchen
  • I still like the new shows, Cane, Dirty Sexy Money, Journeyman and K-ville
  • I’m growing fonder of Pushing Daisies
  • I love Saving Grace. Love it! I want my own Earl!
  • Life is turning out to be a favorite of mine
  • I am looking forward to the celebrity edition of The Apprentice – this show is my guilty pleasure
  • I am also looking forward to the return of Eureka – probably my second favorite show
  • Heros is still my number one – and Hiro is still my favorite Hero

What’s out of my television viewing schedule? Back to You, ER, Survivor, Lost, and a few others that bored me or got too convoluted to enjoy. Too bad, so sad, but don’t waste my tv viewing time!

I’ll try to get in to post a little more often so keep subscribing and let me know what you think about my comments and what shows you like and why!


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Desperate Fishwives is back!

They keep taking off the television shows I like! What happened to Jeff Goldblum’s Raines? Is Lost lost? I’m happy to see Desperate Fishwives – sorry, but that’s what I call it, and Grey’s Anatomy, Bones, House, Ghost Whisperer, and Criminal Minds. I actually watch Boston Legal and Numbers live, no Tivo for those. Can’t wait for the next round of Hell’s Kitchen – Gordon Ramsey is such a pill – hard to swallow in big doses, but I’m addicted. I’m not as fond of Kitchen Nightmares – could you please censor the bug infested scenes?!!!!! Ugh.

I love REAPER! That show is funny as hell – oh, pardon the pun! Love the guy who plays the devil – he’s obviously enjoying his role. Love Tom Selleck on Las Vegas – nice to see him back on TV. I was looking forward to Pushing Daisies, but frankly I was a little bored and hope it gets better. Dirty Sexy Money is going to be interesting – if only for the actors they managed to get. Private Practice is a nice hour of extra Grey’s Anatomy soap bubbles. Now, Life is going to be interesting – and they’ll probably cancel it because it’s not peppered with action. I’m disappointed in Back To You – Kelsey Grammar is better than the show. I’ll watch Cane because of Jimmy Smits.

I just hope they don’t come up with anymore third-rate reality shows or sex and the pimple faced teenybopper programs, yeeesh. Brats with money AND hormones what a boring combination.

I’m beginning to understand why my parents watched ancient reruns. They grew older and television doesn’t cater to older, so they went back to the familiar faces they grew up with. I’m not yet watching reruns of Fraiser or Friends, but I can see the writing on the wall.

BTW – my favorite show on the schedule – HEROS! I love Heros! And Hiro is my favorite Hero!


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And make sure Tom gets to say, “and would you take off that stupid hat!”

Dear Mr. Spielberg:

Don’t you think it would be really fun to make an Indiana Jones movie and finally get Tom Selleck involved?  Now I’m not saying to replace Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, after all, he made that role iconic; he is Indiana Jones.  No, what I’m thinking is you bring in Tom Selleck as a co-hero.  After all, he was offered the Indiana Jones role originally, it just seems sorta fair.

Just picture this: Papa Jones, played by the inimitable Sean Connery, was somewhat of a player in his day. (And who wouldn’t be with the number 007 tattooed on your forehead?)  As we all know, he loved Mrs. Jones, but more to the point here, he loves women in general.  His view of women has always been that they are,” the most charming of creatures”.  This view, of course, got him many women, but it also got him many troubles.  One of those troubles being another son from a prior love affair – a tall, dark, handsome son with a slightly odd giggle, and a penchant for the Detroit Tigers (or whoever they were in the 1930s).  And what do you know, he’s an archaeologist too!  Must be genetic.  Let’s call this son Tom Jones!  Okay, pussycat?

The relationship between the three Jones men is, of course, slightly strained due to the fact that one is a bastard, one is a brat, and one is a rogue who can’t keep his pants on. (We let the audience figure out which is which.)  But after all, this is America and family is family, no matter how dysfunctional!  This mélange a trois does function, albeit only in low gear and with a backfire here and there.  Let’s just say male bonding rituals like fishing trips and barbecues are quite rare.  They usually only meet at archaeology conventions, where everyone gets drunk and dances with the bones of ancient Babylonian prostitutes, or they bump into each other at symposiums on which ancient culture invented beer.  Hey, I know that one, it was Egypt!  But I digress; let me get back to the point.  That point being the semi-functional relationship between the three Jones men.  Hey, it is what it is and it makes for good tension in a movie.

Now, the (dare I say it?) illegitimate son, Tom Jones, is the chief archaeological curator for a highly prestigious museum.  His demeanor is serious; he is conservative, but elegant, and very proper. Also, he takes after his dad and Papa Jones is a little pompous.  OK, Tom’s kind of a doofus but a really hot looking one!  He’s also a little disdainful.  Particularly towards Indiana, whom he regards as an adventurer, as opposed to an archaeologist.  He doesn’t think that Indiana is a legitimate archaeologist – get the ironic wordplay here?  Our Tom has issues.  But he’s still hot looking, and that’s what counts in the movies.  Ah, those Jones boys, good-looking to a fault.

Indiana doesn’t think about his brother much, but when he does he thinks he’s kind of a dweeb.  In fact, behind Tom’s back Indy calls him the Obsessive Professor or O.P. (Opie) for short.  (And now we can get Ron Howard to direct! Mea culpa, my bad, only if you choose not to direct, Mr. Spielberg!)  However Indy strives to maintain a cordial relationship with his half-brother when necessary.  About the only thing these two brothers have in common is a love for ancient artifacts, which includes their father.  So when Papa Jones comes up missing along with three of his priceless Mayan artifacts, Indiana and Tom a.k.a. Opie, reluctantly team up to rescue their father.  And here is where our story begins, because you can’t have a movie without a story.  Can you?

The story revolves around Papa Jones’ disappearance, the three missing Mayan artifacts and the curse attached to them. An ancient Mayan prophecy foretells that the end of the world will occur if the Mayan Spirit Kisin, an evil earthquake spirit, the Goddess Ix Chel, goddess of the moon, and the God Kukucan, the god of wind, are brought together in the Mayan underworld of Mitnal during a blue moon. It’s sort of a Mayan Apocalypse theory.  Yes, I made this curse up, it’s not real – it’s a story, remember?  And, by the by, a blue moon is the second full moon in a calendar month. And the Mayan guys and underworld are authentic too. One can only suspend so much belief!  Oh, and we might want to call Kisin, Ix Chel, and Kukucan something else like Larry, Moe and Curly because those Mayan names are hard to pronounce, even my speech recognition program is having problems with them.  I think we can leave Mitnal, it has a nice yiddish sound to it, adds a real revelation style flavor.

Of course, we have the standard issue evil doer, bad guy.  You know, the requisite wacko, fanatical megalomaniac, who thinks humanity sucks and needs to be wiped out.  (I think we should get Andy Griffith to play the bad guy, you know, keep up with the Mayberry thing.  Or maybe the latest rapper would be better?) Anyhow, the bad guy learns about the curse, discovers that Papa Jones possesses the cursed artifacts from the prophecy, plans for the next blue moon, steals the artifacts, kidnaps Jones and makes tracks for Mitnal, post haste.

OK, it’s convoluted, but no more so than most film plots today.  And Tom Selleck will look hot all steamed up and sweating in a Mayan jungle.  Not to mention what the wet look will do for Harrison Ford.  Those sweaty hunks should pull in a big chunk of the female baby boomer demographic.  And speaking of demographics; Sean Connery will bring in the senior citizens, we add a couple of Girls Gone Wild hotties for the prepubescent, post pubescent, adolescent, and not-so-adolescent-but-still-acting-like-it male demographic, and maybe a cute dog or bunny for the family demographic.  And I suppose we’d better add a cute young guy for the teeny bopper girls, he can be Tom’s assistant at the museum.  Get relative unknowns and we can pay them scale.

Now I know you’re a big-budget kind of guy, but I think we could save a few shekels by using some of the rides at Disneyland.  Don’t you think a great place to film Mitnal, the underground hell, would be in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride?  And with all the autotronic figures, we could save a few bucks on extras.  Think about it, there’s a French quarter at Disneyland, a big mountain at Disneyland, an island at Disneyland, crocodiles, elephants, all manner of interesting props and locations!  You can shoot the whole movie there and be a 15 minute helicopter ride from home.  And with all the food stands, the catering budget would probably be slashed in half!  Of course we’d probably have to find a cameo role for that dumb mouse.  We could make him the assistant to Tom’s assistant at the museum; he could be a gopher mouse!

Hey, think about it.  It’s your movie after all.  Oh, and just one more thing, somewhere, it doesn’t really matter where, have Tom say to Indiana, “and would you take off that stupid hat!”

Well, I’ve said my piece.  I gave you my five cents worth, which in today’s market is about $15.98, give or take a peso or two.  And if you decide to go with the concept all I ask in payment is a month with Harrison Ford as my chauffeur and Tom Selleck as my pool boy.  And before you ask, no, I do not have pool.

You’re devoted fan,

PopArtDiva, the artist formerly known as Terri


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