I’m a Television Junkie!

TV in the Olden Days

Television is one of my addictions. As a baby boomer I grew up with only 3 channels coming in off the roof top antenna that fed into a black & white tv. I thought it was grand! Sitting too close while watching Captain Kangaroo or a cartoon, I didn’t mind endangering my life from the “radiation” my mother thought was seeping into my body. I’ve been hooked for fifty years.

In those fifty years I have watched television change with the times, remake itself and come back around again. It has been half a century of pop culture on the fly and I’ve soaked it all in. Maybe my mother was right, I’ve been artificially evolved by the history of television! Can you see the antenna’s on my head? Maybe that’s where they got the concept for My Favorite Martian. . . . .


3 responses to “I’m a Television Junkie!

  1. Linda Herbst

    We watched a lot of television shows and soaps together! About 43 years have passed but who is counting! Glad to see you haven’t made a detour from it! Can’t say I am a Pop Art Diva like you, but I am a still a TV junkie. That explains it, an antenna coming out of your head!!

  2. (sing below to the Scooby Doo Music, lol)
    Linda Linda Lou,
    Is That You?
    It’s Been a Long, Long Time Now!

    So, how the heck are ya? We need to make a time to make a few martinis and dish present day TV (I could go on for hours about the American Idol auditions!) Call me, I’ll send you an e-mail!

  3. I’m a Television Junkie! | A Boob Tube Blog

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