About This TV Junkie

Pop Art Diva

I am an artist who creates original Pop Culture Art for the Internet, Galleries and Fine Art Shows. Being a Baby Boomer (a child of the 1950’s, kiddies) I love anything Retro because it’s a part of my childhood. Whether it be art, comfort food, classic tv and movies, or the pop culture that surrounds us, nostalgia is hot (again). It’s fascinating to watch how things cycle back into society but always with a new twist.

Amazingly I fell in love with television when it was all black and white and you got your signal from rabbit ears (usually wrapped with aluminum foil for “better reception” – did that really work??) I’ve had a 50+ year love affair with the Boob Tube and I’m not ashamed! It’s lasted longer than most marriages and has certainly entertained me and amused me more than many of my human “relationships”.

But this love is not blind – I know that enjoying television requires a major “suspension of disbelief” and I willingly grant that favor for a few hours of mindless entertainment. I am aware that what was once intended solely as entertainment has grown into a monster of power and influence, and with power comes abuse. The same can be said of the movie industry.

With that in mind, I have two goals for this blog. The first being my quest to hunt down our iconic past and watch it as it cycles back into our society. The second being a forum on what is right and what is wrong with television or the movies. So join me as I wax nostalgic, turn vitriolic and become bucolic from a boob tube “irradiated” brain. Post your comments, interact with my blog and contribute to my noble quest for Pop Culture in Modern America on the small and big screens.

May you Tivo Long and Prosper,

Pop Art Diva


3 responses to “About This TV Junkie

  1. FuzzBall

    I remember the aluminum foil! We always made our little sister hold one of the antennas cause that seemed to get better reception too. and we only got 1 channel clear, we were out in the country. Do you remember Sky King?
    cool pictures, did you do those?

  2. Yes, I did the pictures. And shame on you for picking on your little sister!!!! I was the little sister in my family. My siblings didn’t make me hold the antenna but I never got to watch my programs unless they weren’t home! Plus they beat me up constantly, lol.
    Sky King? Yup, and Penny, his niece. What I’ll bet you don’t remember is that in the beginning he had a nephew named Clipper! By the way, Sky King’s original plane was a Cessna T-50 and he called it Songbird – in fact I think all his planes were named Songbird, but I’ve been known to be wrong (not often though, lol). PAD

  3. Devra Zabot

    Hi Pop Art Diva,

    I would like to contact you directly. We are doing a Ghost Whisperer promotional event and I wanted to know if you would like to participate. You have my email!


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