With the start of the new TV season I am in the midst of “sorting” through the shows I want to watch. You know how it is – 3 or more of them come on the same night and time slot and even with a DVR with two signals and an antenna you have to pick and choose! And in February I’ll probably lose the antenna signal! So every September I grab the upcoming fall schedule from TV Guide and start to prioritize my TV shows.

Here is my list of my 13 top television shows this fall and then a few honorable mentions and the ones that drove me to boredom and got dropped from my list!

  1. HEROES – I even watch the webisodes. This show is kick-ASS!
  2. A Tie Between EUREKA and MAD MEN – Eureka is just plain cool, weird and wonderful!  As for Mad Men: I love this show since I spent a few decades in the ad game. And it’s set back in the sixties so it’s Retro too – you know me, love my Retro! By the way, since I’m as old as the hills, I remember this glass ceiling-cigar smoking-b.s. ridden boy’s locker room atmosphere very well!
  3. LIFE – This guy intrigues me. Very Zen on the outside and Seething Retribution on the inside!
  4. BOSTON LEGAL – I cannot get enough of these brilliant but seriously twisted lawyers. I thought I heard this was the last season? Oh no, say it ain’t so!
  5. THE MENTALIST – This is kind of the same guy as on LIFE but without the Zen shell. This guy also has some great hair!
  6. THE BIG BANG THEORY – Can’t get enough of these MENSA soaked geeks and their nerd humor – My favorite nerd is Sheldon (Jim Parsons). I wish they’d dump the “hot girl neighbor” (Kaley Cuoko as Penny) and move Leslie Winkle (Sarah Gilbert) in as a permanent cast member!
  7. MONK – Still love the “Defective Detective” – Go Tony Shaloub!
  8. PSYCH – Shawn Spencer (James Roday) is a fake “Psychic Detective” and has an uptight, lifelong friend, Burton “Gus” Gustor, as his side kick. They have flashbacks to when both were kids (Fun!) and even Cartoon Flashbacks! I love Gus (Dule Hill, last seen on West Wing).
  9. UGLY BETTY – I’m going to start an “I love Ugly Betty” Fan Club, membership – 1.
  10. DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES – I call this Desperate Fishwives and this is my fav soap opera on TV. I also love seeing all the women over the age of teenybopper showing up on TV lately as Sex Symbols (see Boston Legal -Candace Bergen, Brothers and Sisters -Sally Field, etc)!
  11. BROTHER AND SISTERS – Well, Sally Field is a Grandma here! And this show should make all “only children” thankful!
  12. BONES – I love “Bones” (Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan. Emily Deschanel) because she’s so “un-girly”! And David Boreanaz as Agent Booth is just too cute trying to deal with her.
  13. SONS OF ANARCHY – Who would have thought that someday there would be a TV show about Hell’s Angels wannabees???? Check it out, but watch for adult language and nudity and all the stuff that makes this interesting.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Hell’s Kitchen (love my kitchen drama), Samantha Who (amnesia is funny!), Dirty Sexy $ (gotta love melodrama about rich pain-in-the-asses), Criminal Minds (still good but I miss Mandy).

SHOWS THAT FINALLY BORED ME TO DEATH: LOST – (so over it – except for Hurley – love Hurley! Make a series just about him! (Jorge Garcia plays Hugo “Hurley” Reyes)
ER – Finally the last season. Who cared after George Clooney?
ALL THE CSIs – I loved the original CSI in the beginning but it lost me last year. CSI-NY – I love Gary Sinise but hate his wooden character “Mac”. CSI-Miami – David Caruso – ick.

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  1. I’m not much of a TV buff but I do enjoy Eureka and Monk. This is football season for me and I LOVE it with a passion!

  2. We sort of had the same idea for a TT this week. Bones and Brothers and Sisters are two of my favorite shows.

  3. Beverly – I’m not into football at all but I love my boob tube series, as one can see, lol.

    Pjazzy – welcome back to the land of cyber, I’ve missed you around the last few weeks. I’m heading over to your blog now!

  4. I’m crazy about “Life” and really liking The Mentalist, too. We have similar TV tastes, although, I’d have to add Prison Break. Just love that show!

  5. Jessica – I watch Prison Break too, but it just could not make it to my top 13 because I have a feeling it’s going to turn into another X-files-Lost type of show. You know, where they drag the punch line out so long the show gets canceled and then you never know the ending!

  6. I enjoyed Mad Men, although I missed the last few episodes of the first season and haven’t checked out the new ones yet. I hope that it lasts long enough to move into the late 60s so that we can see how the male characters deal with the feminist movement.

    Although I don’t watch it often, on the occasions when I watch Big Bang Theory, I am never disappointed. If Sara Gilbert becomes a regular, that would probably be a good move. As for Kaley Cuoco, I hope they keep her around but nix any romance between her and Leonard.

    I haven’t followed ER for a couple of seasons now. However, I will at the very least catch the episode with Anthony Edwards and the series finale. After all, it is TV history. 🙂

    By the way, you heard right… this is the last season of Boston Legal. 😦

  7. I’m with you on so many shows, so little time–and on Monk, Brothers & Sisters, and Bones. I still love all the CSIs, even Horatio’s melodrama and Gil’s obsession with bugs and being in his head. I will miss him terribly when he leaves his post later this season, and I cried at Warrick’s funeral. What a crappy way to write him out of the show. I get so involved in my characters, I am actually bereft. Interesting take on Mac. I actually find him to be the most human of the guys heading the CSIs. I barely have any other experience of Gary Sinise, except as that character, though. My other hate-to-miss programs are House and PBS Mystery on Saturday nights. House is outlandish, unrealistic, and a bit crazed, but I am hooked. We love how Jeremy Brett plays Sherlock Holmes on Mystery–arrogant to the max! Shows I was sorry to see canceled in the last year or so: Men in Trees, Justice, and Shark.

  8. I watch four of the shows on your list. My favorite show is General Hospital, but my nighttime TV is a close second. Happy TT!

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