THAT 70s SHOW – Seventies Fashion Fads

THAT 70s SHOW - Platform Shoes, What were we thinking?

(A fun, retro-pop-art I did on seventies fashion fads called “Platforms, What Were We Thinking?” which you can buy on my website, )

I’ve been watching reruns of “That 70s Show” lately. I used to love that show in it’s original run because it was such a hilarious take on the seventies. They got the era right and added humor to the ridiculous fads of that decade.

I mean, really, What Were We Thinking????? Bell bottoms in horrid fabric patterns, permed hair to get that afro everyone else had, leisure suits? And the worst of all – platform shoes!!!!

If you lived through the seventies you wore platform shoes. What no one tells the young people of today is – those things were dangerous! More than one ankle was sprained, broken, bruised and twisted thanks to the shoe fad that created such high platforms and heels you might as well have been walking on stilts!

And everyone wore them, men and women alike, so nobody was immune. I wonder what the hospital statistics were on damaged ankles in the seventies? To paraphrase Red from That 70s Show “Dumbass Shoes!”

BTW, the character Donna is now on October Road on ABC. Nice to see “hot Donna” back on the tube, at least someone from the cast made it out of the seventies!

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7 responses to “THAT 70s SHOW – Seventies Fashion Fads

  1. I loved my platform shoes. They were brown and open toed and I thought I was just too cute!

  2. I loved mine too – but, yes, I did sprain my ankle wearing the most extreme ones once. But I have an excuse – I was mugged and I hauled off and kicked the bugger in the knee! Of course I lost my balance and fell on my rear, lol. But he got the worst of it!

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