EUREKA! – Eureka is Back!

A still from an episode of Eureka

I love this show. It’s just off center enough to appeal to me. Really brilliant people populate and work in a town controlled by a large corporation contracting with the government. They develop really hi-tech, sci-fi doodads that create mostly problems for everyone in the vicinity and sometimes everyone in general. They acquired this really cute, down to earth, not so brilliant sheriff by default who sometimes ends up being the smartest one in town. His practicality and lower I.Q. seems to be a necessity for a town full of geniuses who can’t tie their own shoes but can travel through dimensions, create hoverboards and whip up some really cool toys.

It’s sort of the Twilight Zone meets Andy Griffith in a Mayberry controlled by Secret Government Bad Dudes. (Hey, they should make a tv show called Secret Government Bad Dudes – oh wait, isn’t that 24?)

Anyway, Eureka is back – and it comes with it’s own commercials now! They’re called Made In Eureka. The promo spots are done up like a shopping network show for Eureka products for sale to the public. You gotta love the guy who came up with that idea. A promo and an ad in one – and funny.

Look Ma, A Walkin’ Car!

Plus, it has Matt Frewer – of Max Headroom fame – whom I love, as a mad scientist/big game hunter/town whacko?. Another plus. What more could you ask for in programming? Okay, free popcorn.



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2 responses to “EUREKA! – Eureka is Back!

  1. Yeah!!! I love this show it makes me laugh.

  2. I wish it wouldn’t take so long to come back – if you aren’t paying attention and you miss the repeats they usually broadcast just before the season opener you have to play catch up. Hopefully it doesn’t get cancelled!

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