I fell into a TV coma and forgot to post?

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I was on a little haitus but now I’m back! I’ve joined Technorati, by the way – although their link codes don’t seem to work here as well as at Blogspot. I’ll worry about that later . . . .meanwhile, YAHOO, Hell’s Kitchen is back for the third time – my favorite mad chef, Gordon Ramsey is at it again – although I’m pretty unimpressed with this season’s participants.

I am actually enjoying the Pirates reality show so far – maybe because I’m such a big Captain Jack Sparrow fan and I keep expecting him to flounce his way onto their show!!!

I have more comments to make, but it’s late, I’m outside and getting eaten alive by creepy crawly things and I want to go and watch the latest new invention on American Inventors – talk about a bunch of crazies………

BFN – Pop Art Diva


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